The reason Is Present day dating is harder for guys — In particular Regarding Ambitious

In addition, there is the Carlo Monterossi matter: he does not care about cultural debates and will have made a proper Oban, perhaps looking for this and that in his amazing Dylan collection. Mine isn’t bad either, huh!

Radio Popolare interviewed me on the subject – the talented Davide Facchini – and the chat is below.

“For my children, for our children, we will not stop”. So Matteo Renzi closed the Pd direction, net of the strong-willed jaw and penetrating eyes, but in short, the tone was that. And here is another one who brings out his children, a classic, like those swing standards that you need only two notes to recognize them. Children! The other one, the pore Silvio, often swore on the heads of his children, and not being one of a very sincere nature, we all worried a lot.

But anyway: the children. An emotional topic (so ’piezz’e core) and evocation of the time to come, in short, the future, our choices that concern them, because we will deliver to them … (etc., etc., add at will). Thinking about it, this being strenuously on the side of the children is a leitmotif of early Renzism. A few Leopolda ago, the financier Serra thundered against previous generations (he meant pensioners) who “steal the future” from their children. In a nutshell: since you take the pension, you increase the public debt that your child will pay. This was followed by the applause of the leopold children, the stuff of Greek tragedy, high lai against the retired father who steals the future from his precarious son (perhaps after having paid for his studies, of course). Since the children were (and are) quite unlucky, struggling with a pulverized world of work that pays them in vouchers, an attempt was made to charm them with the card of modernity. And then they cheerfully took the foolish fathers for the piss, who put the token in the iPhone and go around with the cassette player. Consummate and also privileged fathers: it was urgent to abolish article 18 to restore some parity in bad luck (without thinking that father’s article 18 could also serve as a mini-guarantee for children, well). Still in the name of the children, it was said that by authorizing them to lay off freely, employment would increase. Beautiful thought. To then discover that the jobs act mainly hires over fifty (so the increasing guarantees do not grow too much), and the children go on to vouchers, internships, contracts, meal vouchers, pat on the back and we will let them know.

Naturally, the Renzist myth of dynamism is part of this rhetoric about children, the new generations, the caricature of modernity. Uff, two rooms, what a nuisance. Uff, argue, what a waste of time, up, up, let’s use the app, let’s hurry up. And so very modern myths are fueled, the startup created in the cellar, where the kid can go from student to entrepreneur in a nanosecond. And down, cheers for these dynamic young people, even if you then discover (in Turin and Milan these days) that without other young people who ride for two euros per delivery all this dynamism would not stand up. Here, between fathers and sons and those who use them instrumentally, this short circuit is created: on the one hand, futuristic scenarios of creative and modern economic recovery are drawn, on the other we are the neorealism of Bicycle thieves, hunger wages, piecework, and the bicycle own as a means of production. Except that in the film (De Sica, 1948) the loser was the father, much to the sadness of the child, while here pedaling for two euros per delivery (Poletti, 2016) are the children. Done.

Now the gift of 500 euros will arrive for the children (the older ones, who turn eighteen), and we await the clapping of the ordinance. Of course, blinded by the handful of euros, few will notice that giving the same amount to the son of the notary and to that of the laborer produces one of those things that our children would like to avoid: the increase in inequality. And instead. In short, what Renzi does, renzismo, and renzità for the children – “For my children, for our children, we will not stop” – is the exact opposite of what should be done for the children, if you wish them a better future.

The key reason why Is Modern dating is harder for guys — Particularly Regarding Ambitious

Then try to eliminate or reduce the ingestion of carbonated and alcoholic drinks. Another tip is to look for waters and foods low in sodium and with a good content of calcium and magnesium.

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The reason why Is usually Modern dating is harder for guys — Specially Regarding Serious

Somehow known, somehow tolerated, they emerge after the fact, after the beating, after the dead.

Yet, the topic is hastily circumnavigated, each time the attention shifts to other factors, this time the controversy has turned to gyms and martial arts, other times to social unease, others to bullying or drug dealing. In short, there is a great deal of work by the titolists to remove from tragedies such as that of Colleferro (and there are now many) even the suspicion of elements of applied fascism. Then, when you read the news, the environments, the acquaintances, their videos on social networks, the relatives who say “so much he only killed an immigrant”, you realize that instead the rate of “fascism” is high, even when it is not of overt fascism, such as Roman greetings and tattooed swastikas. A physical adhesion, in short, almost pre-ideological, which is expressed in punches and intimidation, which represents, for the right-wing ultras (and less ultras) formations, a considerable hunting ground.

It is not only the crime news, to detect various fascist impulses and a lot of “fascism” already mature and ready to be grasped. The denier demonstration in Rome, for example, generated a mixture of condemnation and sarcasm in the media, but all focused on the stupidity of those present. The fake priest who talks about the devil, the lady worried about poisoning her with vaccines, the exasperated and hilarious conspiracy of “they control us with 5g”. Few have instead pointed out that the demonstration was called by Forza Nuova, a fascist formation, and that the leader Giuliano Castellino, already sentenced to five years and six months (first degree) for assault, spoke on the stage. In short, great blame and great sarcasm for the jokers and nutcases who blame Bill Gates for Covid, but little scandal that a fascist already convicted of a beating can somehow organize a rally in the square.

It is as if this overt and visible increase in the rate of “fascism” in the air were a bit deliberately ignored, bypassed, silenced or overshadowed, a bit as if it created embarrassment, or annoyance, instead of being treated for that which is: a (another!) national emergency.

On 20 August, “Ceci n’est pas une chanson d’amour” (Éditions de l’aube) was released in France, with an excellent translation by Paolo Bellomo and Agathe Lauriot dit Prévost.

Here the reviews of Liberation (merci à Claire Davarrieux) and Lire, le magazine littéraire (merc1 à Éric Libiot)

It is not certain that we must always talk about serious or important things. Come on, every now and then you can also – for fun and lightness, for fooling around – talk about nonsense, solemn idiots, sensational whores: in short, the demonstration of September 5 organized by the fascists of Forza Nuova. Title: “Against the health, financial and judicial dictatorship”. Well, come on, not bad.

Amused by the news that there is someone who claims that we live under a health dictatorship (and more), I felt guilty for not knowing anything, neither about the dictatorship, nor about the demonstration. So, with considerable contempt for ridicule, I wore a special anti-bullshit suit (I warn you, you need the enhanced model) and I immersed myself for a few minutes in the sites, in the home pages, in the accounts of supporters and organizers, drawing moments of chilling fun. Meanwhile, the premises: the famous dictatorship that you want to fight is a diabolical Marche of oppression that goes from Soros (of course, come on!) To Mario Monti (eh?), Up to Bill Gates, the WHO, the Prime Minister Conte, and sorry that the organizers have forgotten Will Coyote and the Atalanta defenders. This terrible dictatorship “which deprives children of their smile and their naturalness” – as well as damaging tourism – will naturally be defeated by Forza Nuova, by the orange vests – those of General Pappalardo who wrote a novel dictated to him by an alien from the planet Ummo – with the extraordinary support of Vittorio Sgarbi.