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For this reason, we see that egregious men often congregate in the same place to communicate their concerns, to join forces and to bring to reality what is deemed most convenient. Others are dedicated to framing workers in effective organizations, helping them in word and deed and ensuring that they do not lack honest and productive work. The bishops add their enthusiasm and lavish their protection, and, under their authority and dependence, many other of both clergy jealously take care of the cultivation of the spirit in the associates. Finally, there is no shortage of Catholics of copious fortunes who, voluntarily joining the wage earners, strive to found and propagate these associations with their generous financial contribution, and with the help of which the workers can easily procure not only the present goods, but also ensure with your work an honest future break. How much he has contributed so many and enthusiastic diligence to the common good is too well known to need to be repeated. Hence, healthy hopes for the future can be encouraged, provided that these associations are continually increased and organized with prudent moderation. Protect the State these associations of citizens, united with full right; but do not interfere in their internal constitution or in their way of life; vital movement is produced by an internal principle, and is easily destroyed by interference from the outside.

Accepting, then, the divine principles, give great value to religious instruction, so that each one knows his obligations towards God; that you know what to believe, what to expect, and what to do for your eternal salvation; and care must be taken jealously to strengthen them against the errors of certain opinions and against the various corruptions of vice. Be encouraged, the workers be incited to the worship of God and the love of piety; especially to ensure compliance with the obligation of holidays. May they learn to love and revere the Church, common mother of all, and also to fulfill her precepts and frequent the sacraments, which are the divine instruments of purification and sanctification.

40. With the foundation of social laws in religion, the way is open to establish mutual relationships between partners, to reach peaceful societies and flourishing well-being. The positions in the associations will be granted in accordance with the common interests, in such a way that the disparity of criteria northeast unanimous to the resolutions. For this purpose, it is of great interest to distribute the charges prudently and determine them clearly so as not to violate the rights of anyone.

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In the growth of the population of Paris during the nineteenth century there were several decades in which 80 and even 90 percent of the population growth was due to the migratory balance, and since the immigrants were predominantly young, they also contributed to increase the global fertility rates (7) The relative figures of the urban population had a rapid ascending process until reaching already high percentages at the beginning of the XX: in Great Britain, 75% of the national total in 1911. Something similar happened in Spain, although with the well-known chronological lags (8).

In practically all European cases, it could be said that it is an urban growth directly related to the internal migration of each country. But international and intercontinental migrations also acquired a massive dimension from this moment and also gave rise to a strong growth of cities in the receiving areas.

Between 1800 and 1930, some 40 million Europeans left the Old Continent to go live in other countries (9). Between 1846 and 1932, 34.2 million immigrants arrived in the United States; to Argentina and Uruguay 7.1; to Canada 5.2; to Brazil 4.4; to Australia and New Zealand 3,4; to Cuba 0.9; and although some would later return to their countries of origin, the vast majority remained in their destination (10).

Almost all the American countries, plus Australia, New Zealand and some regions of Africa colonized by Europeans became areas of strong immigration in the 19th century, and received masses of immigrants of multiple nationalities.

In the United States, the arrival of immigrants (about 5 million until 1861 and then another 4 million between 1865 and 1880, of which at least three-quarters stayed in the country) led to the arrival of contingents of very diverse origin and cultures. Starting in 1880, immigration intensified. Economic development was already important and attracted many immigrants. Thus, more than 17 million new ones arrived, of which 15 million remained (11). These immigrants sought employment in the cities, where there was demand for industrialization, constituting more than a third of the workforce in cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants and 66% of the total urban population.

The same happened in the Ibero-American countries during the 19th century, although with a certain chronological delay with respect to what happened in the United States (12).

The strong rates of demographic growth experienced by the most dynamic cities in Europe and America are those that we find throughout our century in those of many countries on other continents.

In countries considered underdeveloped the evolution has been similar, although with much higher proportions and intensity during the 20th century (13). Over long periods, growths of up to 7, 8 and 10 percent can be detected, and this in both small and large cities.

The reasons for these growths have to do, on the one hand, with natural movement, which has become strong with the rapid decrease in mortality, keeping fertility high; and on the other, with the high immigration figures.

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The same ordinances apply to them. You shouldn’t be asking the municipal guard: can I come in here with my little dog? Donostiarras (and tourists) know that if they do not collect the excrement of their dogs, they are exposed to fines that range between 50 and 3,000 euros.

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is different. It is perhaps the only city in the world where the local police ride a bicycle in shorts on the only avenue in the city where cycling is prohibited. It is a marvel, in the main lung of the city there is no bike lane, the point of the capital that most people summon barely has infrastructure to park the bicycle. It can happen that you travel two meters on your bike and a police zeta car chases you, runs you over and then fines you.

That is why the reform of municipal ordinances that the government of the capital of Gran Canaria has just approved should not surprise us. It follows the same line of what previous governments have done, the contradiction is the central axis of the municipal regulations. Because the poop of the dogs do the same damage to the health of the users of Las Canteras beach as those of those who go to the Alcaravaneras or La Laja. Councilor Inma Medina says that municipal technical reports advised against a change in the ordinances that prohibit the movement of dogs and animals on the main beach of the capital. It would be good to know if a technical report was requested on the other beaches, or it was assumed that in Las Alcaravaneras, La Laja or San Cristóbal dogs shit flowers.

The change in municipal ordinances is positive, because it recognizes a situation that was already happening: in this city there are 50,000 dogs that shit and piss and they do not do so in the toilets of their homes. The widespread ban that existed so far is ridiculous. Just as ridiculous as the criticism of the PP, which was 12 years in charge of the government, with absolute majorities, and maintained the absurd prohibitions. But once the positive part has been recognized, the government group must be told that the citizens of this capital are just as old and responsible (or irresponsible) as those of Donosti or Barcelona. In the Catalan capital you can walk with animals some months of the year and on weekdays. Both cities have the European Blue Flag.

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Goods to which the Church had their right, theirs to each of the members of such communities, theirs also those who had consecrated them to a certain purpose and theirs, finally, all those to whose usefulness and comfort they had been destined. We cannot help complaining, for all this, of these unjust and harmful plundering, all the more so since the associations of Catholic men, which are peaceful and beneficial to all social orders, are prohibited, precisely when lawfulness is proclaimed before the law. of the right of association and, on the other hand, that faculty is given, certainly without limitations, to men who agitate destructive purposes together of religion and the State.

37. Indeed, the number of the most diverse associations, mainly of workers, is today much greater than in other times. This is not the right place to study the origin of many of them, what they want, what path they follow. There is, however, the opinion, confirmed by multiple observations, that in most cases they are directed by hidden bosses, who impose a discipline not in accordance with the Christian name or with public health; Having monopolized all the sources of production, they proceed in such a way that they make those who refuse to associate with them pay with misery. In this state of affairs, Christian workers are faced with the alternative either of joining associations from which they fear dangers to religion, or forming their own societies among themselves, thus pooling their energies to bravely free themselves from this unjust and unbearable oppression. What doubt is there that those who do not want to expose the supreme good of man to a certain danger will have to opt without hesitation for this second position?

38. Certainly, many of our people are worthy of praise who, examining conscientiously what the times demand, experiment and try the means of improving the workers with honest trades. Taken to heart their patronage, they strive to increase their prosperity both family and individual; to moderate equally, with justice, the relations between workers and employers; to form and strengthen in each other the conscience of duty and the observance of the evangelical precepts, which, separating man from all excesses, prevent the limits of moderation from being broken and defend harmony between people and things of such different conditions .