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We start talking to him and I meet his family.

To meet the handsome man in your dream, to a healthy and beautiful life, to be confident and always at the forefront, to be tightly attached to life. Seeing a handsome man in a dream of a single lady signifies a good and faithful suitor, and a single man’s dream signifies a healthy life.

If you have a great suitor in the future, it is interpreted as getting approval from your family and a happy union and being very happy. I think it was my mother in my dream, I don’t remember.

I’m going somewhere like a grocery store with someone. I like to draw, buy a pencil or something for him, but then we don’t like it and go back with the person I came from. I don’t remember exactly, but I’m coming to a place like a balcony. I see a man there who is dealing with something, we meet. I think I’m coming to a place like school. It can be called a friend there with a man that I dream about. We sit and talk, then someone comes to the class. The person coming in is the boy I met in a place like a balcony. A few more events happen, but I don’t remember. Then somewhere there is a fire. Someone puts out the fire.

I see the boy, who I was like a friend at that time, come out. It was soot. I run and hug in fear that something has happened, and I bury my head in his neck.

How should elderberry be consumed? Facebook Comments 0. The person will enter a job that he thinks will be more profitable for him and will make him comfortable for life. Monetary relaxation and more income are interpreted as well-being within the family. You can add your comment with Facebook. I went out the outside door, there were so many shoes that I couldn’t find my own, I searched for a long time, and then met with a handsome man in a dream gave his own brother’s two very expensive shoes and flip-flops to the bidet. I felt dizzy when I woke up. Then they started to meet the handsome man looking at me among themselves. What does it sign to see you married in a dream? In my dream I was seeing myself in a different place, different people are in a different place. In my dream, I’m in a place like a covered parking lot. My mother came in disbelief and suddenly we went to that world. How is it called to see a book in a dream? What does it mean to see a marriage proposal in a dream?

When I raise my head, I don’t remember exactly the boy I met in a place like a balcony, but I think something seems to be dizzy. Then I go to him and say, are you okay? Then I lay it on my knee and caress his hair, it is a coincidence that I say I love him inside and I wake up. Getting into a new environment of close friends means establishing a sincere friendship with someone who truly understands you and supporting each other.

Hello, I was at the cinema with a lot of people I knew in my dreams. Then I went out and saw a red-haired white-skinned curly-haired man that doesn’t suit my taste. He accompanied us, after a little talk, I liked him and he held out his hand so that he could touch my hand.

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