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For this reason, we see that egregious men often congregate in the same place to communicate their concerns, to join forces and to bring to reality what is deemed most convenient. Others are dedicated to framing workers in effective organizations, helping them in word and deed and ensuring that they do not lack honest and productive work. The bishops add their enthusiasm and lavish their protection, and, under their authority and dependence, many other of both clergy jealously take care of the cultivation of the spirit in the associates. Finally, there is no shortage of Catholics of copious fortunes who, voluntarily joining the wage earners, strive to found and propagate these associations with their generous financial contribution, and with the help of which the workers can easily procure not only the present goods, but also ensure with your work an honest future break. How much he has contributed so many and enthusiastic diligence to the common good is too well known to need to be repeated. Hence, healthy hopes for the future can be encouraged, provided that these associations are continually increased and organized with prudent moderation. Protect the State these associations of citizens, united with full right; but do not interfere in their internal constitution or in their way of life; vital movement is produced by an internal principle, and is easily destroyed by interference from the outside.

Accepting, then, the divine principles, give great value to religious instruction, so that each one knows his obligations towards God; that you know what to believe, what to expect, and what to do for your eternal salvation; and care must be taken jealously to strengthen them against the errors of certain opinions and against the various corruptions of vice. Be encouraged, the workers be incited to the worship of God and the love of piety; especially to ensure compliance with the obligation of holidays. May they learn to love and revere the Church, common mother of all, and also to fulfill her precepts and frequent the sacraments, which are the divine instruments of purification and sanctification.

40. With the foundation of social laws in religion, the way is open to establish mutual relationships between partners, to reach peaceful societies and flourishing well-being. The positions in the associations will be granted in accordance with the common interests, in such a way that the disparity of criteria northeast unanimous to the resolutions. For this purpose, it is of great interest to distribute the charges prudently and determine them clearly so as not to violate the rights of anyone.

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